I am a Wisdom Teacher, I am a Life Consultant, I am an Integrity Coach

I am a 65 year old woman who is on a lifelong journey to remember who God created me to be. We all get separated from our true essence the minute we hit the planet. The minute we gaze into the eyes of another, we begin to forget who we really are…who God created us to be. Twenty years ago, this separation, disconnection, and forgetting was so severe in my life that I ended up grossly out of alignment with my spiritual DNA. I then manifested a rare and incurable disease in my body. In order to heal and to hold that healing in my body, I had to get back in alignment with my spiritual DNA… the person God created and destined me to be.  I believe fate is the cards you are dealt; destiny is how you choose to play your hand - with Spirit as your wise Counselor.

Through this "dark night of the soul", which lasted 4 years, I was stripped down of all my false selves. My pain body was given the healing intention, attention and truth it required to be “set free”.  My shadow was illuminated and gently eased into the light of my awareness.  God healed me from the inside out.  Cell by cell, fiber-by-fiber, thought-by-thought, and feeling-by-feeling – a deep cleansing was being done in and through Grace. It was a gentle and unconditional process of coming to know LOVE and being loved, coming to know the true and living God. I have come to the "light at the end of the tunnel" here and now. I have finally arrived at home in myself, aligned with my spiritual DNA. I am at last in integrity and expressing who God created me to be.

Since beginning this journey, I have been given many tools and gifts along the way. Numerous healers and teachers ministered to me and shared with me their wisdom, which I have now gathered and collected in my own "toolbox" as "pearls of wisdom." For the last sixteen years, my intention and desire has been to love and serve others; to share my "toolbox" filled with my "pearls of wisdom" as I guide each one of you to create your own "toolbox" as you collect your own "pearls of wisdom." When WE choose to embody this wisdom, then WE can truly begin to radiate the light of God's love… WE can truly fulfill our call to be channels of God's peace, hope, joy, truth, and love. If you feel prompted by your heart, I hope you will CHOOSE to join me on this journey home to meet your true, God-created self. Haven't you been away from "home" long enough?


I follow the Way of Jesus on the spiritual path of Grace.  I am a graduate of the 9 Gates Mystery school.  I am a Reiki Master.  I am a Sacred Listener.  I am trained in and use the Enneagram, Archetypes, HeartMath and Energy Medicine as wisdom “tools’.  I am a ”heart healer” according to Chokoderai, my Balinese teacher and healer.  My work is intuitive.  My workshops are experiential.


I will leave you with this to ponder for yourself....


Are you choosing "TO LIVE" or "to die" today?

“Above all else, take exquisite care of your heart, for it is the wellspring of your life.”

 Proverbs 4:23